Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Earth Day

These items from the Ecoetsy Team were a big hit at my Growers Market Booth. To celebrate Earth Day I downloaded these awesome Green Share seed packets from and filled them with my organic seeds. I used calendula and amaranth. Also pictured is a kootsac from It is a re-usable bulk food bag for produce. I purchased two bags and used them to put all my vegis in. The bags are very well made and hold a lot. The customers and vendors were very interested in these items and I enjoyed sharing. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

I've Been Featured

Happy Easter! I have been featured on Ecogeneration's blog:
There are many wonderful eco-friendly items featured including my Moonlight on the Adriatic Soap.
The whole family is coming for Easter Brunch along with our extended family. It is snowing right now so I hope it clears up by Sunday for our annual Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. My daughter will be bring her duck eggs, which we will dye with pieces of old silk ties. It is super easy and so eco-friendly. I use old silk ties that my husband no longer wears and cut a piece of the tie big enough to wrap around the egg. Then cover the egg with a piece of cotton material, I use old sheets. Secure with a twist tie and place all the eggs in a pan full of cold water with a tablespoon of vinegar and boil as usual. When you remove the fabric you will be left with a beautiful unique colored and patterned egg. Try it the kids love it!
I make it a treasure hunt with lots of clues and my husband hides the eggs in our woods (we rope off an area). The golden egg will be well hidden as usual so the adults can have fun helping the little ones search. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SAFE team's International Soap Challenge

Vote for your favorite soap with a chance to win one! SAFE team's International Soap Challenge - come vote http://etsysafeteam.blogspo...
If you vote in this challenge and purchase any item from my store you will receive a free organic lip balm! Just put "voted" in the message to seller.

Moonlight on the Adriatic

This is the soap I created for the challenge. Last summer I traveled to Croatia the home of my ancestors. I had no idea what a lovely country it is. Beautiful lavender grows everywhere and they produce the most delicious grassy green olive oil. I tried to recreate the blue-green Adriatic Sea in this soap. It is made with organic ingredients, 100 %, goat's milk, french green clay and pure essential oils of lavender, jasmine and litsea.