Sunday, January 24, 2010

Skijoring with the huskies

Here is a picture of the dogs taking a break while skijoring at Hyatt Lake yesterday. Hyatt Lake is located outside of Ashland Oregon in the beautiful Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. It is one of our favorite places to play year round. We love to ski around it in the winter, take the canoe on it, bike around it, swim across it, dog sled, hike and run around it. We are sometimes rewarded with a view of ospreys and eagles soaring high above.

Cabin Fever

I have had a serious case of cabin fever since the beginning of January.
We moved to the mountains 20 years ago because we love the snow but hadn't had any snow since Christmas Eve. While the East was getting dumped on, here in the Green Springs all we were getting is rain. Because of Global Warming we have really noticed a difference in our weather. In the past snow would stay on the ground for weeks at a time, but in the last few years it's only a few days. So I have been keeping busy doing things like taking inventory, organizing, ordering supplies, and getting ready for taxes and filling orders. Friday it finally happened! We had a nice snowstorm followed by a sunny Saturday. Hurray for sun! We headed up to Hyatt Lake (pictured above) to ski around it. The views are breathtaking with Mt. McLaughlin visible most of the way. It was an easy 10 mile ski around the lake, and then it was the dogs turn. We love to skijor with them so we hook them up to our waists and they pull us until they are tired. Today we will do it again but this time we will go to Buck Prairie and bring the dogsled. I am off to make blueberry pancakes and coffee, pack a lunch and head up the mountain. Life it good!