Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nature's Gold

This beautiful infused oil is where it all begins. Most of Green Springs Bodyworks products start with this herbal infused organic olive oil. This jar is chock full of healing herbs and flowers, solar infused for four to six weeks. I lovingly pick and forage the herbs and flowers in the early morning preferably during the time of the full moon. I have been wild crafting herbs for over twenty years and I make sure to walk gently and only pick what I can use. It sometimes takes weeks to find enough herbs for one batch as I go to many different locations in the surrounding mountains so as not to deplete any one place. Often I come across herbs that I use for natural dyeing, I am also a fiber artist so it's great when I can also find natural dye plants while I am wild crafting!

One of my favorite herbs to infuse is St. John's Wort. Picked at the peak of perfection this oil will bless you with the most beautiful deep red oil that is one of my most prized healing oils. I usually harvest that in July but Spring arrived late this year so it may bloom later. I will post a picture of that oil when I infuse it. Well, I better get back to my garden, it rained heavily last night so I need to take advantage and get in there and pull weeds before the ground hardens. Happy Spring !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guardian of the Spring

This majestic Ponderosa Pine stands guardian over the spring I posted about below. The picture on the left was taken at sunrise, the right was taken before sunset. This is the view we have from our bedroom window and is one of the reasons we chose to buy land 5 miles up a bumpy dirt road.
This beautiful tree is over 200 ft. tall and the bark smells just like vanilla.

A few years ago the dogs and I came face to face with a cougar walking up the road around 10am. He or she turned to face us and I just about had a heart attack, the dogs started barking like crazy and it bound over a fence and was gone in a flash. I have always wanted to see a cougar and finally got my chance, I just wish we had been safe and sound in the car. We routinely see coyotes, bobcats, red fox, great gray owls, blue herons and the occasional rattle snake and black bear. Living in the mountains can be hard and sometimes lonely, but thanks to our wonderful neighbors, both human and not, there is no other place I'd rather be.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is why they call it the Green Springs

This beautiful spring a mere 100 yards from my house is why they call the area in which I live the Green Springs. There are many such springs in the area. We drink from this spring and the water tastes like water should taste, pure and fresh. Whenever I need to get away from it all this is where you will find me.
In the next post I will show you our majestic old growth Ponderosa Pine, guardian of the spring. The area around the spring teams with herbs and flowers that I gather to use in my products. If I am lucky I can find violets hidden among the nutrient rich soil. Oregon grape, plantain and wild strawberries are plentiful.

Well I better get over to the spring, today I am making bamboo soap. As I draw water from our spring to use in the soap, I will give thanks to her and bless the herbs that I have gathered.
I also say a blessing every time I make one of my organic potions, lotions or creams. I feel it brings me and the person receiving it luck.

If you are ever in Oregon, head up Hwy. 66 to the Green Springs, the area is so special, President Clinton protected it and it is called the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Our land is within the boundaries and will be protected for future generations. The hub of the community is the Green Springs Inn, check it out, great food and good prices. Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is my booth at the Growers Market. I sell in Ashland on Tue. and in Medford on Wed. In a few weeks I will also be selling Saturdays in Ashland. One of my favorite things about the markets is meeting expectant parents then getting to see the new babies and watching them grow. The local community is really supportive and come rain or shine.

Our biggest seller is our fabulous organic Face Food. Many of our customers are tourists and purchase it at the markets and can't live without it, so I also sell it online. Also pictured is my hand-spun hand painted fiber art, yarn, and baby clothing made from recycled sweaters. In the future I hope to open a shop on Etsy and Artfire listing those items. Please stop by and say hi, if you are ever in Ashland or Medford Oregon on those days. The market runs from March until late November.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Twenty five years ago we moved our family from Cleveland, Ohio to the mountains of Southern Oregon to a small community called the Green Springs. Back then it consisted of loggers, hippies, and back to the landers. For the most part everyone got along because we were all somewhat isolated and depended on our neighbors. We purchased 10 acres and began living our dream. We built a small cabin with logs killed by beetle infestation, grew our own fruits and vegetables and tried to walk gently on the land. I learned how to garden, spin, weave and make soaps, lotions and potions, and was commitment to eating organic and out of necessity we reduced, reused and recycled.

Fast forward to the present. My goal is help others go organic and eco-friendly , and make every attempt to save the world for my five grandchildren, and future generations. I now market my fabulous skin care products and call my business Green Springs Bodyworks. My products and packaging are eco-friendly and most of the ingredients are organic. What I do not grow or wild-craft, I try to purchase locally. I trade a local vendor face cream for his wonderful organic olive oil. Our butters are purchased from a sustainable women's co-operatives. We offer a $1.00 refund for recycled containers and I usually go home from the markets I sell at with a big bag of returned bottles and jars. Last April I decided to spread the word further on the Web. My products can be purchased on Etsy, Artfire, and here on the blog.

Unfortunately the bigger Siberian Husky pictured died right after Christmas. Here is a recent picture of Suka our newest member of the sled dog team. Tenaya, his big sister is three and loves her newly adopted companion.