Monday, August 6, 2012

Mountain Goddess

Happy Summer! We've been busy in the Green Springs with the markets, gardening, and making new amazing products.  My latest soap is called Mountain Goddess in honor of the Cascade Siskiyou Mountains we live in and the Green Springs Community that is near and dear to our hearts.  

Mountain Goddess contains 100 % goat's milk, lovingly supplied by my daughter Brett who raises gentle Nubian Goats.  Nubian's milk has a high fat content which makes fabulous soap.  I used Aussie Beige Clay for color and skin soothing properties.  Scented with a combination of eucalyptus blue mallee, Peru Balsam, Pettigrain, clary sage and gingergrass essential oils it reminds me of the fresh mountain air, hence the name Mountain Goddess.  It needs to cure for a few more weeks so check back here or on Etsy in a few weeks.  This soap is sure to sell fast so don't miss out! 

I've also made a healing balm for cracked heals and cuticles.  I've named it Neem Crack Cream.  It works great!  I'm off to create a new Shaving Soap!   

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day

It seems like only yesterday I was a new mom.  This picture was taken in 1978 of me and my daughter Brett in the Grand Canyon.  I can still remember the strawberry hat she was wearing.  Brett now has 3 kids of her own,  two boys and a girl and my son has two boys the oldest is 17!
May is my favorite month because we celebrate May Day,  the wildflowers are blooming here in the Green Springs, we get to celebrate Mother's Day and then go camping Memorial Day Weekend.  Life is good!

I wish you all a wonderful Spring and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.  Cherish your time with your little ones because they will grow in the blink of an eye!!!

Green Springs Body Works has been very busy working on a new Spring scent with sage cedarwood,  oakmoss, bulgarian lavender and more!!  Check back soon for pics of my new soaps.  

I have been creating organic bath and body care products for 10 years. I am dedicated to using organic, sustainable, fair trade, environmentally friendly ingredients. Your skin will feel the difference!