Thursday, July 10, 2008

Balmbastic review

Check out the review of our awesome lip balm at:
This is our very first review and we are looking forward to many more.

My business partner and I spent the morning in the mountains
collecting herbs to use in our products. We are lucky to be neighbors
and live in the beautiful Cascade-Siskiyou Mountains of
Southern Oregon. It was a relaxing time and we
were able to discuss our goals and future plans for our business.
We need to take time and do that more often, but with four Growers Markets a
week and our Etsy site we are very busy but it is a lot of fun.
We would love to hear from you.


Miss Beauty Fiend said...

It i so exciting that you actually go out and hand pick your herbs and such... that is just fantastic and really great to know that when I use your products, ingredients were selected with care.



You are welcome, have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

So nice to read your comments on your blog. Please keep us posted!

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Hi Shabra it is so nice to hear from one of our first Etsy customers.
We have been very busy creating even more organic products. Our store looks much different than it did a few months ago. We have been busy making and testing an organic shampoo and coming up with stocking stuffers as the holidays are right around the corner.

lilgreenshop said...

Blog is looking good - I look forward to keeping up to date with it.

Envy you being able to go out and pick herbs. Would love to see photo's of them some time.