Sunday, April 11, 2010

Desert Solitude

My dad passed away last month so when I returned from his funeral in Florida I was in need of some solitude. We traveled to Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park for some r & r. Being out of cell phone
and internet range for one week really helped me to relax and reflect. Our days were spent hiking, climbing, biking, relaxing, and getting in touch with nature. Not many flowers were blooming yet so we were really excited to find this one cactus (pictured) blooming in a vibrant shade of red. After four days camping in Death Valley we headed for Joshua Tree for some rock climbing. Joshua Tree is named after the tree with the large white flower pictured. Look for more pictures to be posted on my Face Book page. Many of these beautiful trees are dying because of Global Warming. We are committed to doing everything in our power to stop Global Warming which we see happening all around us. As Earth Day draws near I hope that everyone will make an effort to help save our precious Earth for future generations.

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lilgreenshop said...

Those are beautiful cactus flowers. Have never seen a Joshua Tree - they sound impressive.

Glad you had some time off the threadmill of life even though the circumstances that lead to that were sad. Recharging our spirits is always beneficial.